Lettuce FarmThe GSF Fresh team of highly qualified agronomists works closely with grower suppliers to maximise the freshness, quality and safety of our products.

GSF Fresh have extensive experience in pre- and post-harvest quality agronomic research, plant breeding, microbiology, entomology and food safety.

GSF Fresh’s high quality salads and vegetables begin with high quality farming families. Since our beginning in Australia we’ve partnered with over 50 family growers across the country, from Bowen (Queensland) in the north to Devonport (Tasmania) in the south.

Many people claim that farmers are some of Australia’s first environmentalists. The land is our growers’ livelihood. They are committed to using sustainable farming practices to grow the finest quality vegetables and preserve their land in order to pass onto the next generation of farmers.

GSF Fresh are constantly looking for new and exciting foods, trialling new products and working on farm to help our growers be more profitable and sustainable without compromising quality.