Organic Chopped Kale- Serving Suggestions

Taylor Farms Organic Chopped Kale is a versatile ingredient that is only limited by your imagination, see below for some fresh and healthy ideas:


Add 1-2 cups of Taylor Farms Organic Chopped Kale, some frozen fruit and your favourite liquid to the blender. Blend for 45 seconds for a refreshing meal on the go.

Kale Smoothie


Cook Taylor Farms Organic Chopped Kale in a medium heat wok with some baby spinach, capsicum and baby corn for a delicious stir fry. Add some sauce and/or protein for the complete meal.

Kale Sautee


Combine Taylor Farms Organic Chopped Kale with some cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot and your favourite protein for a satisfying healthy lunch or dinner.

Kale Salad