Lettuce FarmGSF Fresh embraces a positive workplace environment that respects the dignity of our employees and associates and values our customers, suppliers and communities in which we operate.

GSF Fresh believes that each staff member’s knowledge, skills and contributions are integral to our organisational capability, company practices and competitive advantage.

We strive to encourage a productive culture of balance and well-being for all of its staff and associates, providing programs and practices that encourage health and safety.

In the same way, GSF Fresh positively impacts the community through its leadership in sustainable, environmental practices and its charitable service to children and families in need through the GSF Foundation.

“We believe in going beyond expected business practices to embrace our responsibility to people and the planet. Fundamentally, this is who we strive to be as a company.”

– Mark Wetterau, Chairman and CEO

Sustainable Environment

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are cornerstones of GSF Fresh’s Creed and Values. As stewards of our natural resources and embracing responsibility to future generations, GSF Fresh ensures that sustainable practices are at the core of its business.

GSF Fresh is committed to an ongoing program of continuous improvement, integrating sustainability of the environment and best practices into our corporate culture.

The global company (enthusiastically embraced by the local GSF Fresh organisation) has selected five overarching strategic goals based upon our commitment to the triple bottom line.

GSF’s 2020 Sustainability Goals include:

  • Reducing the company’s carbon footprint by 20%
  • Achieving zero waste to landfill at 100% of its facilities
  • Achieving Energy Star, LEED, or equivalent green building certifications at 75% of its locations
  • Incorporating renewable energy/alternative fuel in 100% of GSF’s fleet
  • Active engagement of at least 75% of its associates.

Achieving these strategic goals will improve the overall efficiency of GSF’s operations, reduce the company’s impact to the environment and its economic spend, by reducing costs associated with waste disposal, fuel and utility expenses, and engage its associates in corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices.

Locally GSF Fresh make major savings in areas such as energy, water and waste.


  • LED lighting throughout the facility
  • Only operating the chillers when required
  • Strong discipline around powering down machinery when not in use
  • Solar power


  • Constant monitoring of leaks from pipe work and hoses
  • Structuring the work day to minimise the number of change overs of products and thus the wash downs required between runs
  • Not dumping water unnecessarily and ensuring we get the full use out of the water


  • Plastic is recycled this includes films and drums
  • Organic waste is recycled diverting it away from landfill
  • Cardboard and paper is recycled
  • From the office areas co-mingled waste is recycled
  • Metal recycling from the workshop

GSF Foundation

GSF Foundation

As a core element of its culture and heritage, Golden State Foods has demonstrated for decades the importance of contributing to others. Highlighting this ongoing effort, the GSF Foundation (established in 2002) is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in need in communities where GSF associates live and work. Through personal involvement and contributions, the GSF Foundation is a natural extension of the company’s values-based business.

Funded and run by GSF associate volunteers and supported by its business partners, community partners and customers, the GSF Foundation operates under the direction of an executive board, which includes national representation from local GSF volunteers. Because the GSF Foundation is volunteer-run, 100 percent of the financial contributions go directly to where it is most helpful – families in need.

80% of GSF associates participate in the GSF Foundation – one of the highest corporate participation rates found anywhere in the world. GSF associates are making an impact, uniting their hearts and hands for good.